Landsbanki liquidator to sue victims group for defamation

Yvette Hamilius and her lawyer maître Rosario Grasso
Yvette Hamilius and her lawyer maître Rosario Grasso
Photo: Serge Waldbillig

The barrister in charge of the liquidation of Landsbanki Luxembourg has filed a case for defamation against an association of victims of the bank.

Since Yvette Hamilius took over the liquidation of Landsbanki following its collapse in 2008, she says she has been plagued by threats and intimidation, mostly from creditors. However, after she was accused of acting fraudulently at a recent press conference she took action and has filed a complaint for slander, defamation and attempted blackmail.

A victims group representing 180 victims, mostly British nationals, of a Landsbanki Equity Release mortgage scheme held a press conference in Luxembourg last November. During the conference, three individuals gave accounts of their ordeals at the hands of Landsbanki, which resulted in the seizure of their properties.

Ms Hamilius maintains that during the course of the press conference, her name was mentioned in connection with the scam. To set the record straight, the liquidator said that she had no say in the mission which was entrusted to her by the Luxembourg district court.

She explained that the mission is carried out with the cooperation of experts, including auditors KPMG, and a committee of creditors, all under the supervision of the bankruptcy judge of the district court. "All decisions are the subject of argument before the court, in the presence of the public prosecutor or one of its representatives," said Rosario Grasso, the lawyer for Yvette Hamilius.

The lawyer announced on Wednesday that a complaint would be filed for slander and libel against the two lawyers (Benjamin Bodig and Bernard Maingain) defending the 180 victims of Landsbanki Luxembourg, following their press conference last November, and another complaint for attempted blackmail and slander against the 180 plaintiffs.

Translated from an article by Alexa Lepage