DSK to head up Luxembourg financial firm

Photo: AP

Former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn is to become an investment banker with a Luxembourg firm, according to a statement released by one of his lawyers.

From October 18 the Frenchman is expected to take over as the head of Luxembourg financial company Anatevka, which is listed on the Paris stock exchange.

The lawyer's press release suggests that the banker will not be based in Luxembourg, however.

Anatevka was founded in 1994 by Thierry Leyne. The company will be renamed “Leyne, Strauss-Kahn & Partners” or LSK. Active in asset management, venture capital, insurance and financial intermediation, it entered the Paris Stock Exchange in March this year and is valued at 50.2 million euros.

The group employs more than a hundred staff in six countries, including Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, Israel, Switzerland and Romania.According to the press statement, Mr Strauss-Kahn has spent the last two years working as an international consultant with foreign governments, including Serbia and Southern Sudan, as well as several companies.