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Cleaners in Luxembourg are the best paid in Europe

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Did you know that cleaners in Luxembourg are the best paid in Europe? That's according to a recent study listing 30 countries across the continent as far as Russia.

The survey, carried out by London Cleaning System, shows that an average hourly wage for cleaners in Luxembourg is €13.87.

This is not so surprising when you consider that the minimum wage in the Grand Duchy is just over €12 per hour, the highest in Europe.

Image: London Cleaning System

Next in the list, just under a euro less, was Belgium at €13.89 followed by Finland at €12.27 and Netherlands at €11.71.

The difference in pay is vast when you compare to the bottom end of the list.

In Russia for an hour of cleaning work the average wage comes out at just €1.41, while in Belarus it is €1.14.

The lowest of all though goes to Ukraine at €0.62 per hour.

The figures were gathered from various sources including Eurostat and were calculated on August 2, 2017.

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