Bilateral agreement

Roaming axed between Luxembourg and Belgium

Photo: Shutterstock

Mobile phone users should pay a single price for calls, texts and internet browsing in Luxembourg and Belgium thanks to an agreement ending roaming between the two countries.

Luxembourg operator Join's campaign to end roaming has born fruit in the signing of a bilateral agreement between Belgian regulator BIPT and Luxembourg equivalent, the ILR, a press release has confirmed.

The agreement means that a Belgian phone number can be associated with a Luxembourg network, despite the fact that phone numbers are generally organised by a single country.

Join Experience, a joint venture between Join Wireless and Post Luxembourg on Belgian network Base, can now offer services to Belgian users without intermediaries, on the basis of its roaming agreements made in Luxembourg.

The two country's regulators hoped the agreement would "have positive effects for the Luxembourg and Belgian markets,” namely by extending supply and lowering prices.

Join Managing Director Pascal Koster welcomed the bilateral agreement. He said: "It's an innovative offer for the Greater Region market. We have always advocated for a single price for calls and internet browsing, regardless of the country one is in in Europe.”

Luxembourg regulator ILR's Paul Schuh said the agreement with Belgium marks a significant step forward. He said: "It offers greater flexibility to operators of the two countries in order to better understand consumer demand and offer them deals that meet their needs and their budgets.”

The Luxembourg operator Join already has 5,000 customers on the Belgian market, where it began activities four months ago. It said it will next approach German and French regulators to pursue similar agreements.

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