Applications now open for Green Business Awards

Photo: Shutterstock

(MSS) If your business is “green” you might be looking to win a price at the Luxembourg Green Business Summit in April, with applications now open.

For the fourth time, the Green Business Summit is looking to reward companies based in Luxembourg and working with the best green practices and market solutions.

Companies can nominate themselves, but individuals can also apply on behalf of a company they deem worthy of one of the awards. Applications need to outline company projects, visions and challenges.

The deadline for applications is January 10, 2014. A jury made up of 50 CEOs will vote and the winners will be announced at the Awards on April 24, 2014.

The awards up for grabs are:

  • Green Business Award of the Year - Rewards the company which implemented a global strategy in reducing the environmental impact of their activities.
  • Green Team Award -Recognises a manager for his/her significant contribution to improving the environmental footprint of their company’s activity.
  • Public Sector Green Project of the Year - Rewards the team or department that has implemented “eco-responsible” changes within the company. This award aims to acknowledge the most ambitious and relevant eco-responsible project set up by a public service. Nominations are open to the entire public sector.
  • Green Motion Award - Rewards transport companies, public or private structures offering rental car or commercial vehicle fleets and/or utilities, airlines or shipping companies that can demonstrate a global program to reduce significantly the environmental impact of their activity.
  • Green Recycling Award - Rewards companies that have taken initiative to develop recycling and/or who participate in waste reduction programmes.
  • Green Innovation Award - This award is open to all engineers, researchers or inventors who have developed a new product to reduce the environmental impact companies have on the climate.
  • Green Energy Award - This category is open to all companies involved in energy solutions. Companies that have developed new technological solutions which enable an efficient and environmentally friendly energy production are also eligible.
  • Green Facility Management Award -Rewards the best managerial practices to develop a sustainable workplace. This category is open to every company with a voluntary, effective and innovative managerial policy.
  • Green Product Award - Rewards Luxembourg market products that provides the most efficient alternative to an non-eco friendly option. This can be any product that enables people, businesses and communities to create a sustainable future.
  • Green Finance Award -Open to all financial institutions operating in Luxembourg able to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable investments.
  • Green Advisory Award - Open to all consultants, accountants or management consultants operating in Luxembourg, who help develop and improve sustainable practices.
  • Green Entertainment & Leisure Award - This award is open to all companies operating in the hotel trade, leisure, food, beverage, tourism and entertainment industries in general. It rewards those who can demonstrate a global programme to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment.
  • Green IT Award -Rewards the IT product, solution or service that reduces environmental footprint and responds companies' green target.
  • Green NFP Organization Award -Open to every not for profit organisation acting to promote and support professional or private green initiatives.

Additional information and the application form can be found here.