Economy Luxembourg's real GDP forecast raised

The acceleration of Luxembourg's economic growth in 2017 comes as a result of an increase in exports and the development of financial markets, the central bank says. More

Outlook IMF says global recovery on 'firmer footing'

The global economic recovery is on firmer footing as improving growth in China, Europe and Japan offset the downward revision for the United States, the International Monetary Fund said Sunday. More

Friday ECB survey finds markets expect lower inflation

Financial experts in the European Union have lowered their inflation expectations for the coming years, a European Central Bank survey published Friday showed, reflecting the institution's complicated path to its price stability target. More

Post-Brexit Luxembourg's CSSF welcomes new supervisory convergence principles

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published three opinions setting out principles in the areas of investment firms, investment management and secondary markets, aimed at fostering consistency in the relocation of entities, activities and functions from the United Kingdom to the EU. More

Eurostat Luxembourg government debt to GDP ratio increased

Luxembourg had the second lowest ratio of government debt to GDP across the EU28 at the end of quarter one 2017 but also had the second highest increase compared with its result for the fourth quarter of last year. More

ECB Draghi to calm waters ahead of easy-money exit

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi will carefully prepare markets for a long-awaited end to the institution's easy-money policy Thursday, analysts expect, but stop short of calling time immediately. More