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Workshop "Sing with confidence!"

21 Nov


with Katja Maria Slotte,

BMus, MMus,

Complete Vocal Technique Teacher


PART I: Saturday, 21.11.2020; ONLINE


PART II: Saturday, 24.04.2021, OFFLINE, IN LUXEMBOURG, 1:30PM-6PM (CET)


Music Therapist Members (GML, other music therapy associations, other partner associations) : 30€

Music Therapy student members: 25€

Others: 40€


preferential rate for combined registration PART I & II

send an email to


LU82 1111 2186 3493 0000 CCPLLULL

The voice is a powerful tool of communication and self expression. With the voice, we can tell stories, make melodies and build connection. This 2-part HYBRID voice workshop will take you on a journey of building and expanding vocal confidence, to using your voice in community building and music making through vocal play.

PART I, 21.11.2020, ONLINE:

Sing With Confidence

The ONLINE session will focus on building and expanding confidence in using your own voice. Through guided exercises in fundamental vocal techniques and body-voice activities, you will learn how to release unnecessary tensions and gain access to a more powerful and resonant voice.

You’ll learn exercises and warmups for the breath, voice and body, and learn to access the vocal modes in which all sounds are produced. Knowledge about how the voice works is varied with “learning by doing”. You can ask any questions you may have during the workshop immediately in the chat, or live in person during the open Q&A!

You’ll leave the workshop with a new toolbox of techniques that you can directly implement to release tension and strain, gain more freedom, and be able to use your voice with more power, presence and confidence.

A replay is available for registered participants (2 weeks after the online workshop). However, in order to get most out of the training, it’s highly recommended to participate in the live online workshop.