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diariesof - The first successfully crowdfunded magazine in Luxembourg

diariesof has reached through crowdfunding the necessary funds to guarantee its first edition and soon this magazine will be available to the public.

The two co-founders, Anabela and Jorge Valente, are an adventurous couple who travelled the 7 continents. Their latest travel through South America on a motorbike inspired them to create a different printed travel publication.

diariesof will be a bi-annual travel magazine with editorial content prepared by an international team of contributors, including photographers, bloggers and travellers. Each issue covers one country exclusively. Rather than just wanting to give readers the feeling of travelling around the world whilst reading it, diariesof hopes to inspire them to go out afterwards to see the world for themselves.

"We wanted it to be like an art magazine that would emphasize both the photographic and the story telling aspects of travel" says joint-magazine creator Anabela.

The first edition is all about Chile and the different sections of the magazine offer genuine and independent testimonials about traveling in Chile, exclusive interviews with some of the talented individuals encountered there and a section featuring a social and humanitarian project in order to raise awareness of social divide.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched in August to fund the first edition and in only 30 days its financial goal had been achieved. The campaign is running for another couple of days, and it is still possible to pre-order the magazine through the crowdfunding site http://www.ulule.com/diariesof/.

Crowd funding
Crowd funding enables people with a creative idea to ask the general public for the funding they need to set up or expand. The creators set a target for the money they need to raise and explain how they will use the cash. People can then make pledges for small amounts of money in return for a pre-order of the product if the target is reached.