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Get Fit by Nature on 10 November 2012 - natur&ëmwelt

I received an email from a friend about a natur&ëmwelt event entitled 'Get Fit By Nature'. Given that I have recently turned 50, anything that suggests an easy route to keeping fit sounds attractive! The event was focused on clearing shrubs from farmland in order to create an environment more attractive to threatened bird species that inhabit dry grassland. When I arrived at the site (just outside Junglinster) I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with a couple of familiar faces from the English-speaking community as well as meet a number of new (and friendly) people. We all pitched in to help with mattocks and branch-cutters, and after a few hours, made a considerable difference to a few ares of land. A hearty soup lunch was provided, and representatives from natur&ëmwelt took the time to explain carefully the environmental threats posed to local bird species and strategies for conservation. I left the day physically tired (and possibly a bit more fit) but enjoyed the positive energy of the people I worked alongside, and hopeful there might be a few more birds breeding in the grasslands in the spring and summer. I look forward to being involved in a future natur&ëmwelt event!

Mr. Philip HARVEY
volunteer of natur&ëmwelt International English-speaking Section

Our next Get Fit by Nature event is on 2 February. More information can be found here:
and a Guided Visit of a Mussel Rearing Station and Habitat on 13 April