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Comparing Individuals With and Without Autism

How do we define the threshold from which we judge that someone does not have enough friends, which is one of the criteria of the social deficit in autism? And how to differentiate if having fewer friends is a personal choice, or the result of another pathology, or any other cause? It is the inability of diagnostic tools to answer such questions that a person with very few autism-like symptoms could be considered autistic. When does the signal with the typical caracteristics get lost ? When we compare the blue (the diagnosis is very clear) with the white (neurotypical or non autistic) there are clear differences between the groups. However, when the blue is diluted by the white (enlarged autistic spectrum) there are less difference with the white (neurotypical). (JAMA Psychiatry - Temporal Changes in Effect Sizes of Studies Comparing Individuals With and Without Autism A Meta-analysis)