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8 February 2014 - working for nature and the Grey Partridge

When crossing Luxembourg along its green fields, have you ever noticed the sports covered in trees in the middle of the agricultural fields?

Well, Saturday, 8 February, I was there together with 32 other people.
Because it’s there where natur&ëmwelt will create a nesting area for the Grey Partridge.
Some of us cut trees to clean the place and prepare it for new and diverse plant species, and others were burning the trees we were cutting in order to make some space.

It was a great day, independently of the cold and rain. The cutting gave us a lot of energy, kept us warm, and eliminated our stress from our busy lives! And there was also time to meet new people, having some hot drinks and sweets brought by natur&ëmwelt.

Maybe you think what great there is in being out in the cold under the rain and spending energy in cutting some trees. But for me it was more about being in the outdoors, in nature, enjoying winter, with people of all ages, from different interests, exchanging experiences and learning and knowing that next time I will check out these lonely and distant fields I will know there is nature at its fullest, growing, having a space to reproduce, continuing the cycle, surviving, and all thanks to us.

Cynthia KHAROUFEH, volunteer

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