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Exhibition - L'Enfance by Emmanuel Aziseh

Ruth Gallery is associated with CASINO 2OOO through permanent exhibitions installed in the heart of the CHAPITO Gallery.

From 16 October to 21 November 2021, discover the new exhibition of the artist Emmanuel Aziseh in Mondorf-les-Bains.

Emmanuel Aziseh’s work is born of a reflection on the health crisis we are currently experiencing. In this collection, the artist questions the relationships between people and the place We give to others.

This reflection has led him to a new body of work entitled “The children around us”.

He wants to be their spokesperson because of their fragility, their innocence, and their ignorance. Aziseh unveils a positive vision of the world inspired by the daily life of children as a pretext to evoke the notions of frontier and identity represented through everyday objects such as outfits, flowers, wallpaper.

His work is done with acrylic paint on canvas and biros on paper. The wallpapers, using the traditional screen printing technique, raise the question of beauty and the way things are perceived positively. Through these wallpapers, he places in the background. Aziseh does not remind the world of what it is going through but vitrifies and sublimates its flaws, creating a reality we all dream of.

Free admission, enjoy it!