Royal wedding Published on 19.10.12 17:20

Young people react to meeting Guillaume & Stéphanie

(CS) At a reception on Friday morning, the bridal couple met with members of Luxembourg youth organisations and the young adults were struck by how friendly both Guillaume and Stéphanie were.

Prince Guillaume pointed out at the reception that it was the first time that Stéphanie was meeting with members of the Luxembourg public, and that it was an important "premiere" for the future Hereditary Grand Duchess.

The Crown Prince praised the young people for their work saying that they give a young face to the country and that they drive the country forward.

After his speech, Prince Guillaume and the Countess took the time to speak to the people who had come to the reception. These included representatives from youth organisations, as well as people born on the same day or getting married on the same day as the couple.

The young people were surprised by how approachable and friendly the pair were. All the youngsters said that the bride and groom had been really interested in what their different activities.

After the reception it was time for the bride and groom to change and get ready for the civil marriage ceremony, which took place on Friday afternoon at the Luxembourg City town hall.


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