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VIDEO:  Mia Electric car charges into Luxembourg

"For the price of two tanks of petrol at €50, you can reach 10,000km"

Flashback article: Test of the Mia Electric car in Luxembourg in March this year!

There aren't that many electric cars on the market, although hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity, and even fewer that are truly 100% electric. Even less are totally designed from scratch, not based on any other car, and only one, a new company with this exact mission, has just launched in Luxembourg – The Mia Electric.

The company is still finding its feet as it only launched in 2010 in France with German capital. A presence can be found in both of those countries plus Belgium and now Luxembourg. In May the Mia Electric is due to launch in the UK.

I managed to get my hands on one for the weekend to test it out and the results are shown in the video above.

Facts not mentioned in the video

The little Mia I tested is just 2 metres 87cm long and weighs only 765 kg, although there are two other sized models: Mia L is 3 metres 19cm and has an extra seat in the back meaning a total of three passengers can be transported. Mia U (utility) has just one or two seats with a big boot.

The makers of Mia state that running the Mia will cost approximately €1 per 100km. “For the price of two tanks of petrol at €50, you can reach 10,000km or the equivalent of what you would drive in a year!”, boldly states the company's press release.

Indeed these savings do make the car attractive, especially as it costs €23,681 without the CAR-e bonus scheme and €18,681 with it. Added to that, not mentioned in the video, Mia Electric have just announced that Enovos now offers a further €500 reduction, bringing the cost down to €18,181. That makes the Mia Electric just about the cheapest 100% electric car out there.

One of the worries I first had from the moment I pulled out of the Mia forecourt was, “what if I run out of battery?” The peak of my stress levels came while Luxembourg Mayor Xavier Bettel took over the wheel and hurtled through the streets of Luxembourg City bound for the airport, “what if he misses his flight because we run out of battery?” I needn’t have worried as this myth shrouding the electric car was shattered, as the car easily managed constant use during the day's filming, a trip to and from the City centre and the airport, plus a return to the Mia HQ in Bertrange, all still with 35km of battery life left.

For more information about Mia Electric visit the website or contact the details below. Why not give the 'baby' a try yourself!

Mia Electric


183 rue de Luxembourg

L-8077 Bertrange

Tel: +352 26976693


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