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The A-Z of the Luxembourg Royal Wedding

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Learn to talk like a local for Luxembourg's Royal wedding with this handy glossary of wedding terms in Luxembourgish.

Bride – Braut: Stéphanie de Lannoy, 28, is the youngest of eight children of Count Philippe de Lannoy and his late wife the Countess Alix della Faille de Leverghem. Her family is one of the oldest noble families in Belgium.

Engagement – Verlobung: The couple announced their engagement in April, this year, however, Guillaume admitted in an interview he popped the question three weeks prior to the official announcement.

Father in law – Schwéierpapp: Guillaume's new father-in-law will be Count Philippe de Lannoy meanwhile Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg will be Stéphanie's father-in-law following the wedding.

First dance – Éischten Danz mat der Braut: While, it is not yet known which song the couple have chosen for their first dance, a number of love songs have been dedicated to the event, including Joel Heyard's official wedding song “I'm in Love” and Funky P's unofficial “Your Love Is”.

Witness – Zeien/Brautjongfer: Traditionally, bridal couples in Luxembourg choose members of their family or close friends as their witnesses. In this case, Guillaume's witnesses will be his brother, Prince Félix and friend Don Lawrence Doimi de Frankopan. Stéphanie has chosen as her witness Blanche de Merode, wife of baron Philipp von und zu Bodman, and Princess Louise zu Stolberg-Stolberg.

Cathedral pass – Passéierschäin fir an d'Kathedral: A number of public cathedral passes were distributed among members of the public wishing to attend the official religious ceremony in Luxembourg.

Groom – de Brautmann: 30-year-old Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume is the oldest of five children born to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Honeymoon – Flitterwochen/Hochzäitsrees: It is not yet known where the couple will spend their honeymoon. In a recent interview, Stéphanie revealed that Prince Guillaume is organising a surprise meanwhile Guillaume confided that the pair's trip will begin right after the wedding.

The groom and bridge, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume with Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy
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Mother-in-law – Schwéiermamm: Following the two wedding ceremonies, Stéphanie's mother-in-law will be Marie-Teresa, a woman she described as a “second mother” after the sad passing of her own mother in August.

Page boy – Page: It is not yet known if the couple will have a page boy.

Wedding – Hochzäit: This refers to THE wedding of the year in which Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume is to marry Belgian Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy in a religious ceremony at Luxembourg's Notre Dame cathedral on October 20.

Wedding bouquet – Brautbouquet: The wedding flowers and likely the bouquet are being arranged by garden staff at the Colmar-Berg castle, along with a number of Luxembourg florists and students from the Lycée Agricole in Ettelbrück.

Flower girl – Blummemeedchen: It is not yet known if the couple will have a flower girl.

Wedding breakfast – Hochzäitsiessen: The couple will enjoy two wedding feasts, one gala dinner after the civil ceremony on Friday at which chef Léa Linster will cook, and one after the Cathedral service on Saturday. As well as Linster's input, Franck Panier will lead a team of chefs including Thierry Duhr and the head chef of the hotel Le Royal.

Wedding cake – Hochzäitskuch/Pièce-montéee: Luxembourg patisserie Oberweis will supply the wedding cake meanwhile Namur will bake a traditional “Bamkuch” layer cake for the occasion.

Wedding dress – Brautkleed: All eyes will be on the bride this Saturday to see her dress, the designer of which is not yet known.

Wedding favours – Drageeën

Wedding speech - Hochzäitsusprooch/Hochzäitsried

Wedding rings – Brautréng: The couple's wedding bands are made from fair trade gold.

Wedding vows – Hochzäitsverspriechen


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