Royal wedding Published on 27.09.12 16:13

Special Luxembourg Royal wedding cuvée launches

Photo: Charles Caratini

Anyone raising a glass to celebrate Luxembourg's Royal wedding can do it in style thanks to the launch of a special wedding cuvée produced in the Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg Cremant manufacturers POLL-FABAIRE have launched the novelty bottle of bubbly just three weeks ahead of the eagerly-awaited wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume to Stéphanie de Lannoy on October 20.

With a label bearing the date of the special occasion along with the  couple's new monogram, the special cuvée keeps its freshness for up to two years so that, as POLL-FABAIRE technical director Bernd Karl puts it, “you can still drink it to celebrate the birth of their first child.”

Photo: Charles Caratini

The decision to make a commemorative cuvée came from POLL-FABAIRE chiefs in May, following the announcement of the Royal engagement.

“We try to make a cuvée for something new and also things which affect the Luxembourg people,” explained Bernd, adding: “The wedding is a very important occasion and our growers are very traditional. They want to wish the couple all the best for the wedding.”

The Grand Ducal Court finally gave the green light for POLL-FABAIRE to produce the wedding cuvée. But, the plan was almost abandoned when uncertainty arose following the tragic death of the bride's mother in August.

Marketing chief Ruth Herber said: “We asked the public office of the court if it would take place or not. There were one or two days when we weren't sure if it would take place. I think it's too important to postpone.”

Photo: Charles Caratini

The delicious drop is a blend of Riesling, Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc, harvested in vineyards along the Moselle river in 2010. Despite the fact that the producers were not aware of the wedding, they bottled the cuvée in January of 2011, “just in case of a special occasion”. So far 25,000 bottles are ready to go on sale for a six-week period.

The last time a special bottle of sparkling wine was produced for a member of the Grand Ducal family was in 1955 to celebrate the birthday of Grand Duke Jean. Unlike sparkling wines, which are bottled for six months, cremant must be left for a minimum of nine months during the second fermentation process.

You can bag your bottle of POLL-FABAIRE wedding bubbles from most supermarkets in Luxembourg as well as any Vinsmoselle wine cellar, including POLL-FABAIRE in Wormeldange.

Alternatively, enjoy a free tasting during the tour of the giant greetings card around Luxembourg. From September 28 to October 18, the card will tour 34 different locations allowing well-wishers to leave a personal message for the bridal couple.

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