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Petition to end rue de Strasbourg's lawlessness

Rue de Strasbourg: a lawless zone according to some residents and traders
Photo: Tessy Hansen

A collective of angry residents and businesses from the capital has launched an online petition appealing for police and authorities to stop their street from becoming a “lawless zone”.

The rue de Strasbourg collective launched the petition in August to persuade Luxembourg City Mayor Xavier Bettel and the police to take action and crackdown on the drug dealing, drug addicts and prostitution that goes on in the street close to the main railway station.

“We have lived in rue de Strasbourg for eight years and we have seen the situation deteriorate. Some of our friends are leaving because they do not want their young children to be confronted with this situation by coming to live here,” a resident was quoted as saying in a press statement from the rue de Strasbourg collective.

Some residents and businesspeople described the street as a “lawless zone” or an “abandoned area of the city” in which drug dealers, addicts and violence thrive. Indeed, the collective said that some drug users had been seen injecting in the entrance to the local cultural centre, close to schools and crèches and that fights were turning the area into a "battlefield".

Traders, meanwhile, have had to install steel shutters to protect their businesses from problems in the street.

“We do not understand the policy of the city that beautifies some neighborhoods and closes its eyes on this area. In other cities the size of Luxembourg, the goodwill has changed in similar situations," the collective said.

Mayor Bettel is due to begin talks with police, traders and residents from rue de Strasbourg on September 12 to propose solutions. The meeting is held at 6.30pm in the "Centre Culturel" in rue de Strasbourg.

The petition has already garnered more than 300 signatures.

Click here to view the petition


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