Royal wedding Published on 21.09.12 13:02

Luxembourg state spending €350,000 on royal wedding

Photo: Christian Aschman / Cour Grand-Ducale

(CS) The Luxembourg state has announced that it is contributing 350,000 euros to the royal wedding festivities on October 19 and 20, with the lion's share of the two-day event paid for by the Grand Ducal family.

The funds will go in large part to providing security over the two days for the bridal couple, as well as their families and guests, but also the public at the events surrounding the wedding.

Furthermore, the bill for a reception of the couple involving several youth clubs and associations will also be footed by the state.

The rest of the money will go to a dinner on October 19, involving several state dignitaries, a reception following the church ceremony a day later, and the organisation of the church service.

All in all, the state estimates its own contribution at 350,000 euros. However, no details were given on the final cost of the two-day festivities, and what the Grand Ducal family are spending on the occasion.

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