Royal wedding Published on 20.10.12 11:51

Guests bring glamour to Notre Dame Cathedral

(CS) While Stéphanie's arrival at the Cathedral was the most anticipated one of the day, international royals and politicians from Luxembourg flocked to the Notre-Dame Cathedral for the wedding on Saturday morning.

Government ministers, parliamentary deputies and representatives of Luxembourg's administrations were invited to the wedding in the Luxembourg City Centre.

From before 10am guests were arriving at the Cathedral. Among them were high-profile politicians such as Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Chamber President Laurent Mosar.

The line-up of guests was completed by the arrival of royal families from around the globe. The Scandinavian royals were among the first to arrive, and joined members of the Grand Ducal and de Lannoy families.

Crown Prince Guillaume arrived together with his mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, shortly before the bride arrived at the Cathedral together with her brother Count Jehan de Lannoy who led his youngest sister to the altar.


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