Luxembourg Published on 21.06.13 09:25

Enquiry commission to debate Juncker's responsibility in secret service scandal

François Bausch (l.) and Alex Bodry
Photo: Marc Wilwert

(CS) The secret service enquiry commission will on Friday debate a report by François Bausch, which states that the political responsibility of Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker in the SREL affair is “indisputable.”

President of the Commission Alex Bodry confirmed to on Thursday that Bausch's report contains the sentence: "La responsabilité politique du premier ministre est incontestable."

Bausch, who is the official correspondent of the commission, furthermore says in his report that the Premier failed to report all irregularities in the operations of the secret service to the enquiry commission.

Bodry added, however, that the report would undergo a debate and review in the commission, which is expected to hand in its final report before the Summer break.

Several hearings are scheduled to take place next week, and the Premier has been summoned by the commission for a session on Tuesday.

Juncker himself had said in a parliamentary debate earlier in June that he would accept political responsibility for the SREL affair should the time come. However, he had also pointed out that he was unaware of the maladministration at the secret service in several cases, and urged MPs to differentiate between responsibility and guilt.

In an interview with German radio station Deutschlandfunk, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn meanwhile commented that the Luxembourg secret service had "screwed up."

While he said the the government was confronted with the issue of political responsibility, the minister declined to comment on the future of the CSV-LSAP coalition.

"We have to wait how the conclusions or what conclusions will be drawn by Parliament," he added.

With reporting by Christoph Bumb and Marc Schlammes


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