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Check out the timetable for National Day festivities!

A clear step-by-step timetable of the celebrations for National Day this weekend.

Photo: Anouk Antony

(IRA) Ville de Luxembourg has released the official timetable for National Day Eve festivities, starting with the ceremony of Changing the Guard at 4pm and going on until the early hours of the morning of the Grand-Duke's birthday.

Also part of the celebrations will be the traditional Torchlit Parade (10 pm), the fireworks in honour of the Grand-Duke (at Pont Adolphe, 11.30 pm) and a series of live concerts until the crack of dawn, with music from the likes of Sonic Season and Funky P.

Official National Day festivities - June 22

  • 4 pm: Changing of the Guard in front of the royal palace.
  • 10 pm: Torchlight parade kicks off at the corner joining rue Aldringen and Grand-Rue, continuing through Boulevard Royal and ending the procession at place Guillaume II, in front of the royal palace. For the full itinerary click here.
  • 10.10 pm: Army and military music parade through Place de la Constitution and up to Place Guillaume II.
  • 11.30 pm: Fireworks at Pont Adolphe.


  • Place d'Armes: Salon de Jazz (12 pm), Harmonie Municipale Luxembourg-Limpertsberg & Gasperich (7.30 pm), Singers Unlimited (10 pm)
  • Place Guillaume II: Sonic Season (8 pm - 9.30 pm), Soul'd out with Funky P (12 pm - 3 am)
  • Rue du St- Esprit: Dash of Milk (electro lounge) - Lata&Band (southwestern crossover) - Hal Flavin ( electro Pop) - Dirty Honker (electro swing) - Pitch Tuner (electro new wave - rock) - Live act by Chook (electro dance) - Clubzone, Chris Beck (deep house - minimal tec) - VJ OZZ (7.30 pm - 3 am)
  • Place des Bains: Elroach - Weekend Trips - Super Heroes In Ties - Fitness - Los Duenos Del Ska - Heartbeat Parade - Appaloosa - Cyclorama (5 pm - 2 am)
  • Rue du Palais de Justice Crazy Fruits - Magic Stone - Real Time Spinner - Pol Said - Quentin Lagonza - Backyard - Mep-Live (6 pm - 1.45 am)
  • Place de la Constitution: Harvard Din&Tonics (8 pm), Daniel Depienne (9.15 pm), Chris (10.30 pm), Wallstreet - 25th Anniversary Tour (12 pm)

For more information please visit the Ville de Luxembourg (VDL) website.

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