Prince Félix presents his wines in Luxembourg

(CS) Luxembourg's Prince Félix presented a selection of wines from “Château Les Crostes” – an estate in southern France, which he runs together with his wife, Princess Claire – at a tasting event in Luxembourg on Tuesday evening.

At the Threeland Hotel in Pétange, Félix hosted a stall at the event organised by Bascharage wine merchant “Gutt Drauf”. The event specialised on wines from France, and around 400 guests tasted the tempting offers.

Among them were also chef Renato Favaro, Daniel Rameau of Euro-Toques and restaurant manager Peter Körner. The three restaurant experts only recently met the prince and princess in southern France, where they stopped by Château Les Crostes following a visit of a gastronomy fair in Nice.

Notably absent, however, was Prince Félix's pregnant wife, Claire. The couple are expecting their first child in June.

The young royals settled in the south of France last autumn, after their September wedding in Provence. "Château Les Crostes" is a wine estate owned by Claire Lademacher's family, with Félix and Claire running the estate since last October.

Prince Félix has since begun studying oenology, while Princess Claire continues to pursue her PhD in the field of bio-ethics.

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