Geckolepis megalepis Gecko does 'striptease' to avoid becoming lunch

A newly-discovered gecko uses a weird but ingenious tactic to evade capture: it strips down to its pink, naked skin and flees, leaving its attacker with a mouthful of scales, scientists have revealed. More

Sweden Moose saved from drowning in ice-cold water

While ice skating in Sweden, a group of people found themselves face to face with a moose in distress. The moose had walked on the frozen river and fell through the ice, struggling to get a grip to get out of the water again. More

Saturday announcement Veteran British actor John Hurt dies

Oscar-nominated British actor John Hurt, known for his roles in "Elephant Man" and "Harry Potter", has died aged 77 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, reports said Saturday citing his agent. More

'Jäger' Franz Stehle speaks out What does the frozen fox finder say?

Jäger Franz Stehle became an unwitting social media hit last week after cutting out a frozen fox from the icy waters of the River Danube and posting photos. Now the 61-year-old has responded to critics. More

Black Forest Fox freezes to ice cube

A fox had a very unlucky encounter with winter conditions in Germany's Black Forest region. It fell through the ice on the Danube and froze into a big ice cube. More