'Jäger' Franz Stehle speaks out What does the frozen fox finder say?

Jäger Franz Stehle became an unwitting social media hit last week after cutting out a frozen fox from the icy waters of the River Danube and posting photos. Now the 61-year-old has responded to critics. More

Black Forest Fox freezes to ice cube

A fox had a very unlucky encounter with winter conditions in Germany's Black Forest region. It fell through the ice on the Danube and froze into a big ice cube. More

Los Angeles 'Hollyweed' sign prankster arrested

Los Angeles police on Monday arrested a local artist suspected of a New Year's Day prank in which he altered the letters of the famous Hollywood sign to read "Hollyweed". More

Generation What? Luxembourg's millennials optimistic but critical of society

Have you ever gotten drunk with your parents? Could you be happy without love? Do you feel European? These are only a few of a broad range of questions the “Generation What?”-project addressed to nearly a million young people all over Europe to find out what the “millennial” generation thinks, feels, wishes and fears. More

After infant dies in France Vitamin D supplement Uvesterol never sold in Luxembourg

France has moved to suspend sales of a vitamin D medication following the death of a baby who suffocated after being given the liquid supplement, health authorities said Wednesday. According to the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, the vitamin D supplement has never been authorised in the Grand Duchy. More

New Year's celebrations High pollution in Luxembourg due to fire works

Exploding fire crackers and fire works are causing high pollution. During the New Year's celebrations, the measured concentration of particulate matter in the atmosphere was higher than on any other day of the year. More