Secret recording alleges ties between Grand Duke and British Secret Service

The "Lëtzebuerger Land" on Friday printed a transcript of a secret recording of a conversation between then head of SREL Marco Mille and Premier Jean-Claude Juncker

(CS) A tape recording between former head of the Luxembourg Secret Service (SREL) Marco Mille and Premier Jean-Claude Juncker alleges that the Grand Duke keeps regular contact with the British Secret Service.

While it had been assumed that the only copy of Mille's secret recording of his talk with Juncker was in the possession of Mille himself, the Luxembourg newspaper “Lëtzebuerger Land” on Friday printed a transcript of the conversation.

In this talk, Mille claims that the Grand Duke was in regular contact with the British Secret Service, saying that Luxembourg's head of state had aimed to obtain surveillance instruments without the SREL's knowledge.

Mille assumes that the Grand Ducal household wanted to use these tools to spy on members of staff or other officials whom it does not trust, saying that the Prime Minister could be a possible target.

Origin of data CD questioned

According to the “Land”, Juncker had said in 2005 that a witness claiming to have spotted the Grand Duke's brother Prince Jean at the Luxembourg airport ahead of one of the so-called “Bommeleeër” attacks should be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, an encoded data CD, which allegedly contains a recording of a conversation between Grand Duke Henri and Jean-Claude Juncker about this witness report, caused waves earlier this week in the Luxembourg, as it is assumed that it could contain new evidence in the “Bommeleeër” investigations about a series of bombings in Luxembourg in the 1980s.

The CD was played into the hands of the SREL by an informant and the SREL is currently working on cracking the encoded information on the CD.

In his conversation with Juncker, Mille raises the possibility that the recording was made using technology which was employed by the British Secret Service in Yugoslavia. While the transcript of the conversation states that Mille said that he assumes that the British Secret Service would oblige the requests from the Grand Duke, the recording does not make clear whether the surveillance tools were ever actually obtained.

The Grand Duke's “private army”

Additionally, the then head of the SREL claimed that the police officers at the service of the Grand Duke at the Palace were turning into a private army, not trusted by the police HQ or the SREL.

How a copy of the conversation of Mille and Juncker dating back to the year 2008 was obtained by the “Land” is unclear. Should the content of the transcript transpire to be true, it could however raise serious questions about the activities of the Grand Ducal household outside of the auspices of the Luxembourg Secret Service.

The transcript itself also leaves questions open. Several passages seem to suggest that the transcript is incomplete. Additionally, bits of conversation between the Prime Minister and Mille are unclear due to a lack of context.

For example, when Mille says that the Grand Ducal household has good links to Britain, the Prime Minister asks: “Could that not have something to do with the story of the Prince [Guillaume],” without giving any further details on the matter.

Further statements expected next week

Following the emergence of this new information in the Luxembourg press, the parliamentary control commission of the Luxembourg Secret Service said they were shocked. Head of the commission François Bausch said that the public, as well as members of the political landscape, had a right for transparency in the matter.

Bausch also demanded that available recordings were made fully accessible to members of the control commission.

Meanwhile, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said he would address several questions which have been raised over the past days at a press conference next week Thursday.

He declined detailed comment following a meeting with the control commission saying that he did not want to infringe on confidentiality regulations. Juncker added that he himself had several questions in the matter.

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