Saint-Ferréol-de Lorgues

New photos: Princess Amalia baptised in France

Luxembourg's Little Princess Amalia was baptised on Saturday afternoon in the chapel of the small town of Saint-Ferréol-de Lorgues in France, near to the residence of her parents, Prince Félix and Princess Claire.

As well as with the proud parents, the ceremony took place in the presence of Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Grand Duke Jean, as well as the siblings and relatives of Guillaume and the family of Princess Claire.

Amalia was born on Sunday, June 15 in the maternity ward of the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte hospital and carries the full name of Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa. The little princess was recorded at 50 cm tall and weighed 2.950 kg.

The baptism was performed by the Rev. Yves Menjot. The Godmother is Prince Félix's sister, Princess Alexandra, and the Godfather is the mother's brother, Felix Lademacher.

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