Guillaume & Stéphanie visit Rédange-sur-Attert

(CS) Crown Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie braved the rain of Thursday for a visit to Rédange-sur-Attert in Luxembourg's west near the Belgian border.

The visit was part of the Hereditary Grand Ducal couples tour of 15 regional “Centres de Développement et d'Attraction” (CDA), and came hot on the heels of a visit to Echternach on Tuesday.

At 10am on Thursday morning, Guillaume and Stéphanie were greeted by mayor Henri Mausen at the town hall. Environment Minister Marco Schank was also at hand to welcome the couple. Even the sun made a short appearance.

The couple signed the Golden Book of the town before heading off on a tour of the town.

On their visit Guillaume and Stéphanie received several gifts. Aside from the usual bouquet of flowers, the couple received a painting and a traditional “Kropemann” pottery sculpture.

The Crown Prince and his wife continued their visit with a trip to a local Lycée, hosting a sports day, as well as learning more about early education in the so-called forest school (“Bëschschoul”) at a workshop hosted in the Rédange cultural centre.

Reporting by Nico Muller

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