Guillaume & Stéphanie receive giant well-wishes

(CS/mim) The super-sized greetings card which toured Luxembourg ahead of the royal wedding in October has finally made its way to the Palais where it was received by Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie.

Some 7,000 people signed the 12-square-metre card on its 36-stop tour through the Grand Duchy. Another 300 people signed a book of congratulations for the couple which also toured the country.

President of the Luxembourg commercial confederation (clc) Gary Kneip presented the card and the book to the Hereditary Grand Duke and his wife on Wednesday together with clc director Thierry Nothum.

The royal couple also received one of only 250 prints of the original card design signed by the artist Pit Weyer.

For more photos of the card on tour visit and to find out how to get your hands on one of the 250 prints visit

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