Grand Duke Henri pays final respects to Mandela

Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday
Photo: AFP

(MSS) Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri has paid tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, referring to him as an "eminent statesman" in a letter to South African President Jacob Zuma.

“We honour the memory of this eminent statesman who, with exemplary determination, has ceased to fight apartheid,” Grand Duke Henri wrote, expressing his sympathy for the South African people.

“With the death of President Mandela, the world has lost an iconic figure whose efforts of reconciliation laid the foundations of modern South Africa,” the letter also said.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel also spoke fondly of the anti-Apartheid icon in a radio interview on DNR on Friday morning.

"Nelson Mandela was not only a great man, he was one of the greatest freedom fighters, who fought for minorities in a country," he said.

Former South African President and anti-Apartheid icon Nelson Mandela died aged 95 on December 5.

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