Grand Duchess lends support to Red Cross Bazaar

(CS) Grand Duchess Maria Teresa opened this year's Red Cross Bazaar in Limpertsberg on Sunday, with stalls selling arts and crafts products and second-hand goods for charity.

As patron and president of the Luxembourg Red Cross, the Grand Duchess attends the bazaar every year, and is known to chat with vendors and do some early Christmas gift shopping. Maria Teresa was welcomed at the bazaar by Rita Krombach, head of the Red Cross' City division.

She was also joined by Luxembourg City mayor Xavier Bettel and Minister of the Middle Classes Françoise Hetto Gaasch.

From handmade arts and crafts items to festive decorations and second-hand goods, hundreds of people every year take advantage of the bazaar, shopping for a good cause.

Special culinary delights also awaited visitors, who could enjoy food and drink from around the world at various stands.

The proceeds of the bazaar go towards funding re-construction projects in areas hit by natural disasters or humanitarian crises. These include the building of schools and other infrastructural projects to providing health care.

The bazaar is part of the Red Cross' end-of-year campaign which also includes the sale of a charity CD as well as Christmas cards.

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