Grand Ducal household wants clarification on MI6 allegations

Photo: LW Archive

(CS) In a second statement released by Luxembourg's Grand Ducal household, the family denies any links to the British Secret Service wishing for clarification in the matter.

Earlier this month the transcript of a secretly recorded conversation between former head of the Luxembourg Secret Service (SREL) and Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker had given rise to allegation that the Grand Duke held close ties to the MI6.

Shortly after these reports were made public, Luxembourg's royals issued a first statement saying that they deny these allegation.

Earlier this week, the Chamber of Deputies voted for an enquiry into the SREL's activities after a series of recordings surfaced raising questions about its work.

In light of this new development the Grand Ducal household issued a second statement insisting that light should be shed on the matter, voicing support for a structured and coherent enquiry, as well as re-affirming its “unwavering commitment” to the constitutional state.

On Thursday afternoon the Prime Minister is set to appear at a press conference to address the scandal surrounding the SREL.

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