France 2 drops coverage of Luxembourg Royal wedding

Photo: Guy Jallay

If you were planning to tune into France 2 to catch the Luxembourg Royal wedding, you will be disappointed as the channel has dropped coverage for budgetary reasons.

France 2 originally planned a live broadcast of the eagerly-anticipated wedding of Luxembourg's Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume to Belgian countess Stéphanie de Lannoy on October 20.

Among the celebrity experts planned to comment on the television programme were Stéphane Bern, journalist Marie Drucker and fashionista Karl Lagerfeld.

Photo: Marc Wilwert

Head of France Television reporting Thierry Thuillier explained: “We very much wanted to broadcast the wedding”, but, he added, the station was subject to strict budgeting restrictions.

In addition, the wedding comes at a time when several other important international events are taking place, including the US elections and some key policy decisions in France. The latter must take precedence, he said.

The idea for a live broadcast on French television came from Stéphane Bern. However, its announcement came too late to be factored into the broadcasters' budget for 2012. “Given budgetary restrictions we could not have produced something that would do the event justice,” said Thuillier.

In Germany broadcasters are, however, embracing the occasion. Geman television ZDF will make a live broadcast of the fairytale wedding.

A ZDF spokeswoman told “Yes, we will be reporting live. What form that will be decided in the coming week on the appropriate editorial meetings.”

In the bride's native home of Belgium, channel RTBF said it was still discussing its scale of coverage of the wedding.