Claire is well prepared for future duties, says royal expert

Royal expert, Julia Melchior, also commented on hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Stéphanie's wedding last year.
Photo: Christian Baumann/ZDF

(MSS) Will Claire Lademacher's life change substantially when she marries Prince Félix and why is the public so interested in the royals? Wort,lu spoke to royal expert Julia Melchior from the German television station ZDF about the young couple.

Another woman of German origin is becoming a princess. Is this a topic being talked about in Germany?

Yes, definitely. Not only the nobility, but also many normal Germans are delighted to see a German national marrying into a reigning house. Historically there are very close ties between the German nobility and European reigning houses – Germany for example has a very special relationship with the Queen of Sweden, as she is also of German origin. So we are delighted to see a young German woman marrying a Luxembourgish prince.

The public has always been interested in stories about the royals. Where does this fascination come from?

In principle, one can only be born into the royal family or marry into it like Claire, so there's a certain mystique surrounding the aristocracy. On the other hand, monarchies and noble houses have deep roots in our history, which they still reflect and represent today.

Besides from that, a wedding is just a beautiful event. I would say it's a “sensation of the good” when such a marriage takes place in the light of public, where everyone can participate.

Claire Lademacher is not noble, but comes from a very wealthy family. Is that of advantage getting accepted in noble circles?

I don't believe that money or assets play a role getting accepted into these circles. Rather, it depends on Claire's education and the loving family environment she grew up in. She is now marrying into a family where it's important to stick together as a unit, and with her great education she is prepared to assume certain responsibilities for the Grand Ducal family.

Becoming the life partner of an heir to the throne must have changed a lot in Princess Stéphanie's life, as much is based on strict protocols. Claire will tie the knot with the second heir to the throne of Luxembourg, but will her life change a lot too?

Of course you cannot compare Stéphanie's marriage to the heir of the throne with Claire marrying his younger brother. Nevertheless, some things will change for Claire, as she is now a person of public interest. She and Prince Félix will also perform official duties, however, they will also be able to live their lives in private. This is not necessarily the case for couples who are heirs, as they rather live in service of the country.

Interview by Hülya Atasoy

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