Bereldange case follow-up Why murder by poison is rare

The recent arrest of a police officer, suspected of having poisoned a young couple, has sent shockwaves throughout Luxembourg. "Luxemburger Wort" spoke with an expert to find out why such cases are increasingly rare. More

Appeal for witnesses Two men rob Remerschen petrol station

One of the men involved in the incident threatened staff with a handgun, demanding the contents of the cash register. The police investigation has so far been unsuccessful. More

Direction Esch-sur-Alzette No fuel at A4 motorway service station

Motorists travelling on the A4 motorway in the direction of Esch-sur-Alzette expecting to fill up at the Shell service station at the Pontpierre exit should think again as there’s no fuel! More

Gastro epidemic begins early in France Preventing the spread of Norovirus in Luxembourg

The annual stomach bug epidemic has arrived early in France with a 56% increase in cases in Meurthe-en-Moselle over the past week. Luxembourg's chief health inspector explains the situation in Luxembourg. More

Mantelsonndeg Free Luxembourg City buses on Sunday

This coming Sunday the traditional “Mantelsonndeg” takes place when shops in Luxembourg City and other towns around the country are open. For the occasion, the capital will be offering free buses! More

Rue de Strasbourg Luxembourg police seek witness to crime last year

Luxembourg City police have launched an appeal for a second time, in finding people connected with a violent theft that took place over a year ago, but this time it is a witness they are looking for. More

A new start in Luxembourg When you are a refugee and gay

For gays and lesbians seeking asylum in Europe, the dream of a free and tolerant Europe is not always a reality. Ennas Al Sharifi spoke to members of the gay refugee community and refugees in general to share their stories and views. More

New bill Luxembourg wants fewer plastic bags

A bill designed in reducing the use of plastic bags in Luxembourg, has been put forward in parliament, in accordance with European recommendation. More

Western Luxembourg Overtake manoeuvre ends with crash

A woman lost control of her car and crashed into a guard rail as she was attempting to overtake another car on a wet stretch of road between Hivange and Garnich on Tuesday. More