A wrong step? Anger in India at Amazon's Gandhi flip-flops

Flip-flops bearing the face of India's independence icon Mahatma Gandhi for sale on Amazon triggered fresh outrage Sunday, days after the e-retail giant was forced to stop selling Indian flag doormats. More

Flu epidemic Influenza peak comes early this season

This year's seasonal influenza reaches its peak earlier than in recent years, according to numbers from Luxembourg's health laboratory (LNS). Last week saw a considerably higher amount of cases of influenza than in the same period of the past year. More

Bionic woman Chinese robot turns on the charm

"Jia Jia" can hold a simple conversation and make specific facial expressions when asked, and her creator believes the eerily life-like robot heralds a future of cyborg labour in China. More

Threat map How we shop hurts endangered species

The hidden danger to wildlife posed by imported consumer goods -- an espresso coffee in Beijing, a tofu salad in Chicago -- can now be pinpointed and measured, researchers said Wednesday. More

Shopping Winter sales for a whole month in Luxembourg

Winter sales in Luxembourg began all over the country on Friday, December 30. Discounts of 30 to 60% are to be found mainly in clothing stores. The winter sales will last until January 28. More

Tlalpujahua Christmas all year in Mexico's ornament village

Marin is one of the godfathers of the glassblowing trade in the Mexican village of Tlalpujahua, which makes tens of millions of ornaments each year to decorate Christmas trees in American and Canadian homes. More

Luxembourg survey All I want for Christmas is....

One in four Luxembourg residents would prefer to receive a cash gift this Christmas, a survey by TNS ILRES has revealed. Read on to find out what else people asked for. More

University of Vienna Antibiotic cream could prevent Lyme disease

A simple antibiotic cream has proven highly effective in the fight against Lyme disease, a serious tick-transmitted illness on the rise across Europe, Austrian researchers said Tuesday. More