An American in Luxembourg Nuit des Compréhensions

Columnist Mike McQuaide is thrilled when he visits the Nuit des Lampions festival in Wiltz and realises he understands more or less what everyone around him is Luxembourgish. More

An Iraqi journalist in Luxembourg How refugees can be effective elements in Luxembourg society

The notion ‘refugee burden’ has become firmly rooted in the policy vocabulary of governments and humanitarian actors. Understandably, governments emphasise negative impacts and costs, but this is only part of the picture. More

Luxembourg City A trip to India on the Place d'Armes

If you were wandering around Luxembourg City on Saturday, it was hard not to get swept up in the India Day festivities with its colourful costumes, traditional music and dance. More

The L Word Why is back to school so torturous?

Columnist Sarita Rao feels like she has travelled halfway around the world on the hunt to get the perfect school supplies for her kids. It's a long way off from when she was in school... More

An American in Luxembourg Being 'that guy'

Have you experienced "that guy-ness"? The cringeworthy situation causing great inconvenience and/or annoyance to others because of circumstances beyond your control? More

The L Word Hasta la vista, Picasso!

This is neither about the Terminator nor the famous artist. It's about Sarita's car which, upon entering old age, has become decrepit and unreliable... More

September 24 Hunting for treasure in Bambësch woods

People can spend an afternoon in nature and win prizes if they participate in an inaugural treasure hunt being organised by the Luxembourg Anglican Church. More

An American In Luxembourg Why reading Luxembourgish is Greek to me

One day, after I’d been living in Luxembourg for about six months I suddenly realized, “Hey, I’m able to read French now!” Reading Luxembourgish is an entirely different proposition and has a tendency to be sneaky! More