The 'Gëlle Fra' statue What's the story of Luxembourg's Golden Lady?

Initially a memorial for Luxembourg's WWI soldiers, the Gëlle Fra became a symbol of resistance during the Nazi occupation, later inspiring controversial art and tacky souvenirs. Read on for the full story... More

Lynn's Little Luxembourg Carrying the sun back to Luxembourg

With the winter months drawing to a close and temperatures becoming milder, people in Luxembourg and all over Europe can observe a yearly natural phenomenon: the migration of birds. More

Grand Rue, Luxembourg City The “Roude Pëtz” flips the bird at passersby

Holding up your middle finger to someone is a rude gesture – but is that what one of the characters of the “Hämmelsmarsch” fountain in Luxembourg City is doing? Read on to find out! More

Luxembourg City Place Guillaume II and its link to The Hague

You have probably attended an outdoor concert or picked up flowers at the weekly market at Place Guillaume II, but have you ever wondered why locals call it Knuedler and who the guy on the horse is? More

The L Word When it’s time to learn Luxembourgish

Last Friday I made the decision to apply for Luxembourgish citizenship. Of course having a UK passport was partly behind this decision, but the sudden desire to have a go at learning Luxembourgish was the main factor. More

Anne's Luxembourg kitchen Fuesent – Sweet treats for the carnival season

As soon as gloomy January is over, Luxembourg dives right into festive mode with the start of Fuesent – carnival season. It's time to head to your local bakery and try out Fueskichelcher (carnival ‘cookies’), which are only around at this time of year. More

After false worker reports UNICEF Luxembourg announces genuine home visits

Following reports last week concerning false UNICEF collectors in the east of Luxembourg, the charity themselves have responded by announcing genuine door-to-door visits across the Grand Duchy. More

The L Word Bad drivers should move to Latvia

Fear of death on the roads doesn’t seem to affect many drivers in the Duchy. Every day I read about a terrible car accident, yet every day I seem to be in front of a crazy driver, says expat mum Sarita Rao in her latest column. More

ASTI's 'Réussir sa migration' project Interested in becoming a refugee coach?

A good number of refugees after obtaining their residence to stay in Luxembourg, need to learn many things in order to help them integrate quickly into society. More

Monthly meetings Learn Luxembourgish at Oekosoph language cafe

If you thought learning a language meant having your head buried in a book learning irregular verbs and tenses while sitting in a classroom on uncomfortable chairs, think again. Join the language cafe! More

Thursday, February 2 Stock up on sweets - it's 'Liichtmëssdag' in Luxembourg

Don't forget to stock up on sweets this Thursday as it is the traditional Luxembourg “Liichtmëssdag”. Children across the Grand Duchy will be out and about carrying lanterns and singing in return for some treats. More

Kanner-Jugendtelefon "Bod"-comic strips collection

Wort/EN is publishing a new English comic strip and scientific article provided by KJT every month starting from January 2017, treating different subjects related to the problems of children and teenagers. More

Kanner-Jugendtelefon Luxembourg organisation offers English-language help for children

Being bullied at school or online, having problems at home with parents or even teenage pregnancies, those are only some of the problems children and youngsters have to cope with. Luxembourg organisation Kanner-Jugendtelefon now expanded its anonymous counselling service by offering an English-language help. More

An American in Luxembourg I Plead the First

In this week's column of "An American in Luxembourg", Mike McQuaide explains why he was bummed in recent months and what he finds to be hopeful, inspiring and incredibly meaningful. More