Lynn's Little Luxembourg Make your own 'Meekranz' for May 1

Illustrator Lynn Cosyn took on the Luxembourgish tradition of preparing 'Meekränz' to welcome spring and keep evil spirits away, giving a step by step visual guide to making them. More

Spooky tales of Luxembourg Beware the hauntings of Ettelbrück waters! tackles another Luxembourg myth in the series, "Spooky tales of Luxembourg". This time, we dare to look into the various hauntings of Ettelbrück waterways... More

Did you know that about Luxembourg?  Rosport's electrifying historic figure

Rosport is associated with the mineral water bottled in Luxembourg. However, the 650 inhabitants are equally proud of another brand name: Henri Owen Tudor; the man who produced the first car battery. More

Private collection to museum Have you visited Diekirch's Museum of Military History?

The town of Diekirch hosts an impressive military museum chronicling The Battle of the Bulge fought 73 years ago in the Ardennes. talked to the original curator Roland Gaul, now retired, about the extraordinary collection. More

Anne's Luxembourg Kitchen Wild garlic – Springtime foraging in Luxembourg

Spring is a great time of year to head to Luxembourg's forests and combine a woodland walk with foraging for a very popular seasonal treat. So, throw on your wellies and make the most of the short-lived wild-garlic period! More

The L Word Holy chocolate: That’s Easter, right?

How have we managed to mix a pagan tradition representing the start of new life in the spring with Jesus dying on the cross and rising again? And why have we brought chocolate into it? Expat mum Sarita Rao tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. More

An American in Luxembourg Finding Frank

Last week, I rode my bike down to Mondorf-les-Bains to check out the Tour de France photo exhibit there. I geek out on pro cycling and that Mondorf is hosting stage 4 of this year’s Tour de France has me fairly beside myself with anticipation. More

Lynn's Little Luxembourg Freshen up your Lëtzebuergesch

Local illustrator Lynn Cosyn helps us freshen up our 'Lëtzebuergesch' in her latest illustration, showing us typical Luxembourgish names of animals and insects. More