Did you know that about Luxembourg? The Captain of Köpenick - a German hero's Luxembourg past

Each country has its national hero. Wort.lu/en introduces you the “Captain of Köpenick” - a German imposter, who made a fool of a small town and is buried in the cemetery in Limpertsberg behind the Glacis. More

An American in Luxembourg Getting to the bottom of 'TippTopp'

Amid the bouncing tumble and “Hoya-hiya-ugehoya” sounds of Lëtzebuergesch, the English word ‘tiptop’ is also used. The first few times I heard it, I distinctly remember thinking to myself: did they really just say ‘tiptop’? More

'City Breakfast' Luxembourg City plans for the coming month

Smart City, new lighting, mobility and security were just some of the subjects covered by this month's City Breakfast presentation to the press outlining upcoming plans for Luxembourg City. More

The L Word Under the knife in another language

Being in the hospital is not the favourite pastime of most people. Add to this the lack of understanding for the local languages and you're in for an interesting experience. More

Anne's Luxembourg Kitchen Kachkéis – a peculiar Luxembourg cheese dish

Kachkéis is one of those beloved Luxembourgish food oddities that is hard to describe. Basically, it’s a cooked cheese that’s quite runny – think of the texture of glue: stringy, gloopy and rubbery. Try for yourself! More

Limpertsberg 'Glacismaart' not at Glacis this year

Luxembourg City's monthly Glacis market will take place for the first time this year on Sunday, March 19. Due to transformation works, it will however not be held at Glacis for the entire season. More

Kanner-Jugendtelefon Part III How to deal with self-harming behaviour

The third part of the Kanner-Jugendtelefon (KJT) comic strip series about "Bod" speaks about self-harming behaviour, how to recognise it and how to deal with it. More

International Women's Day The struggle of Arab women in the world today

For International Women's Day, the Wort's Iraqi journalist Ennas Al Sharifi examines women's roles in the Middle East and Northern Africa, where they fight an ongoing battle for civil rights. More

Did you know that about Luxembourg? Neumunster Abbey's tumultuous past

Luxembourg's picturesque Neumunster Abbey is today a place of culture, beauty and peace but it wasn't always the case. Wort.lu/en reveals the tumultuous past of one of Luxembourg's most well-liked cultural venues. More