Monday Asia trading British pound tumbles amid Brexit reports

The British pound struggled at 32-year lows against the dollar in Asia on Monday after reports said UK Prime Minister Theresa May was ready to take the country out of the European Union in a so-called "hard Brexit". More

Consumer price index Oil prices driving up inflation in Luxembourg

Luxembourg consumer prices in December rose compared to the month before. The general index recorded by STATEC went up by 0.24%. For the first time since January 2013, oil prices are higher than they were 12 months ago. More

Vehicle inspection Dekra to begin operating in 2017

Vehicle inspection company Dekra is preparing the necessary steps to begin operating in Luxembourg in 2017. The company finds itself in the crucial phase of finding appropriate premises. More

Bank of England Forecasting 'in crisis' on Brexit

Economic forecasting "is to some degree in crisis", the Bank of England's chief economist has said after it misjudged the fallout from Britain's vote in favour of Brexit. More

Greater Region Close to 180,000 cross-border workers in Luxembourg

The number of cross-border workers coming to Luxembourg is growing tirelessly. In the past 16 years, their number more than doubled in total, the French leading in total numbers and the Germans almost tripling their numbers since 2000. More